Data Analytics

As storage space becomes more affordable companies are storing more information than they ever did in past years. In some cases this information may reside in different systems through out the company. ATS is helping companies use this information to their strategic advantage by giving key employees easy to use interfaces and reporting tools to access this information.

The benefits of data analytics are:

Better Decision-Making Based on Data

Better Enablement of Key Strategic Initiatives

Better Relationships with Customers

Better Sense of Risk

Better Financial Performance

Better Capability to Respond to Market Changes

Source: Deloitte, The Analytics Advantage

Our strategy is to guide our clients thru the entire Business Intelligence process.

Key areas of our involvement include:

Helping client create a BI strategy

Gather data from different sources, clean, and consolidate (ETL)

Build Data Warehouse

Process Cubes

Create and deploy key static and interactive reports


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